Opposites and Antonyms

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Opposites and Antonyms

Opposites and Antonyms: English Teaching Resource

Year 5/6 English programme of study - Writing - vocabulary, grammar and punctuation:

Develop their understanding of the concepts set out in English appendix 2 by introducing:

  • How words are related by meaning as synonyms and antonyms (e.g. big, large, little)

'Opposites and Antonyms' is an English teaching resource focusing on how to use antonyms to create better sentences and improve writing.  'Opposites and Antonyms' is a handy 9 slide PowerPoint presentation that includes:

  • Definition of antonyms with examples
  • Matching antonyms task
  • How to use antonyms to create better sentences activity
  • Consolidation of understanding
  • Antonyms interactive game link

'Opposites and Antonyms' can be used as a quick starter activity to a lesson, incorporated into an existing resource, lesson or scheme of work or developed into a wider language study unit.

'Opposites and Antonyms' is completely editable so that teachers have the freedom to adapt the resource to suit each class they teach.

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