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At Teacher-of-Primary we pride ourselves on providing not only teaching resources of the highest standards but also superb customer service.

Read what our members and PAYG customers have to say about us...


I have found your resources very useful, thank you. (24.5.22)

Received from Catherine Smith


I love your resources. (8.5.22)

Received from S J Gavan


Your site is amazing and I have recommended it to many people and will continue to do so. (15.04.22)

Received from Rosalind Troop


I love your website. (7.3.22)

Received from Marika Stefaniw


The site is great. (06.03.22)

Received from Leia O'Driscoll


I have enjoyed using your resources. (18.2.22)

Received from Jo Belizaire


The resources I have used have all been brilliant and I will definitely remember to check here in the future. Thank you for producing fantastic resources. (14.2.22)

Received from Amy McMaster


I have found your resources really useful in my Year 1 classroom. (26.1.22)

Received from Roslyn Piccioni


Thank you for the great resources I have been able to make use of. (30.11.21)

Received from Jayne McDermott


A great service. (13.08.21)

Received from Linda Brittain


Thank you for your amazing resources. (29.06.21)

Received from Lynne Evans


Many thanks for the useful resources, especially in the past year. (7.6.21)

Received from Emma Cummins


Can I just say that I think the Teacher of Primary website is brilliant. I am a Primary Teacher, trained and taught in England but now teaching in Northern Scotland, the bits you provided are brilliant and so useful to me. More importantly, the kids that I have taught enjoy them too. I am going to be a subscriber of your material for a long time. (18.2.21)

Received from Chris Scrase


A great site with loads of fantastic resources. (9.12.20)

Received from Paul Atkinson


This website is an absolute treasure chest by the way and I completely love it! (8.11.20)

Received from B Shoard


Thank you so much for the fantastic resources. (23.09.20)

Received from Ian Holmes


A superb resource. The quality really is superb and the grammar resources in particularly were invaluable both as an NQT and when I moved to Year 6 (13.9.20)

Received from K Watson


Great resources that my students found engaging. (25.6.20)

Received from Keryl F


Great resources! Great site! (8.6.20)

Received from P Atkinson


Extremely satisfied. This was perfect! (21.5.20)

Received from Kristina T


Super resources. Clear, attractive and I like the separation into categories. (15.5.20)

Received from C Lady


This is a great tool for distance learning. I received positive feedback from parents. (8.5.20)

Received from Michael G


Great resources! (3.5.20)

Received from H Haynie


My students found your resources very helpful and loved the interactive parts. (28.4.20)

Received from H Stejskal


Fantastic resources for me to use to present to my students. I love that the slides are bright and fun! (20.4.20)

Received from M Ristad


Great resources. (27.3.20)

Received from Sheila M


Good resources with great visuals. (28.4.20)

Received from Lola B


Excellent - really well made resources. Thanks. (4.3.20)

Received from C Butler


Really nice simple and colourful slides. I like that they give lots of 'whole class' examples and the worksheets are excellent for fluency practice. Perfect for my Year 4 class. (1.3.20)

Received from Suzy T


Great resources for Year 1 - thanks! (28.2.20)

Received from N Minter


Fabulous resources, just what I need for my working wall! Thank you! (5.1.20)

Received from C Gittleson


So helpful for remote learning! Thanks! (29.4.20)

Received from Kristen N


I have loved using your resources for my daughter's learning, which have helped us both so much. (12.03.20)

Received from Donna Churchman


I would like to thank you as I found your resources very helpful. (9.3.20)

Received from Yinka Richardson


Your resources are marvellous! (21.1.20)

Received from R Piccioni


Thank you for your resources. I love them. (24.6.19)

Received from Elizabeth Little


I find your resources brilliant! (7.6.19)

Received from Donna Churchman


Great resources and fantastic customer service! (2.6.19)

Received from Joanne Murphy


I have enjoyed using your resources very much. (15.12.18)

Received from Sarah Thorn


Thank you for your service. (30.9.18)

Received from Susan Foster


I have been really impressed with your resources since being a member. (3.12.17)

Received from D Walker


Very cute and educational and I am very excited to use the resources with my kiddos! Thank you! (15.11.17)

Received from K Hyland


Thank you for your very prompt reply and action! It is appreciated very much.  It just goes to show that there are brilliant companies, like yours, that value their customers and their feedback. (14.11.17)

Received from E Edwards


The resources from this website has been a great help to me. (17.10.17)

Received from E Edwards


A great resource (16.9.17)

Received from P Kalraiya


Thanks for such colourful and engaging resources. (3.7.17)

Received from Alfina T


Comparing Lengths and Heights -  simple but good! (25.6.17)

Received from Aneta B


Great resources. Thank you. (24.5.17)

Received from Lavenda W


Thanks. While I didn't use all of the worksheets, I was able to pick and choose what I needed as the range was great. Thanks. (Boy - 23.4.17)

Received from Katharine B


Saved me so much time trying to reinvent the wheel. (18.4.17)

Received from Tammy A


My students love Counting Backwards From 10 (12.4.17)

Received from M Warby


Great resources! Thanks! (19.3.17)

Received from H DeWitt


Can't wait to use the resources! (11.3.17)

Received from M Osenton


Thank you! Introducing a Drama Text was a great resource for my drama students. (26.2.17)

Received from Eva Cervantes


Great resources! (21.2.17)

Received from M Varn


The website is great for resources and I have used them regularly in my classroom.  I have passed on your details to my colleagues. (8.2.17)

Received from D Miller


Thank you so much, you have been a wonderful help...not just us teachers working on a Sunday!!!  Best wishes, Angela. (21.1.16)

Received from A Marsay


Your resources have been great (14.11.15)

Received from G Turner


Excellent site - good to see that we have full subscription. I have always been frustrated not having access to some premium resouces.kudos on this one! (5.10.15)

Received from R Aliyu


These resources are awesome! Thank you. :))  (28.9.15)

Received from Melinda T


This is the perfect way to introduce the skill of Making Predictions to my class. Thank you!  (26.9.15) 

Received from Jessica P


Thank you! Just what I was looking for. Can't wait to use these resources in my class. (14.9.15)

Received from Pam G


Awesome resources!  (9.9.15)

Received from Kristin L


Great resources.  (11.9.15)

Received from Jennifer M


These resources are very helpful! Very detailed! The students love them! They follow the curriculum outcomes very well! (30.9.15)

Received from Carli C


Very interactive! Cannot wait to use these resources with my students. (6.9.15)

Received from S Cleary


Great resources! (27.7.15)

Received from Patricia H 7.6.15


'Teeth' is a great unit - thanks. (26.7.15)

Received from Myamba


Great resources. Thanks. (24.7.15)

Received from P Hanscomb


Awesome! (9.7.15)

Received from Amanda Keith


Punctuating Speech was very clear and concise, my students' use of speech marks in their free writing really improved after going through the resource with them. Thanks. (23.7.15)  

Received from C Roberts


Measuring Length and Height Using Non-Standard Units - Great Resource. (21.7.15)

Received from Mommy Mac


Thank you for the lovely resources and ideas (24.7.15)

Received from A Lawler


Perfect! Thank you for creating these resources! (3.5.15)

Received from Sharon C


Wonderful resources. My kids enjoyed them! (3.5.15)

Received from Sharon C


lovely introduction to multiplication. (28.4.15)

Received from J Curtis


Comparing Lengths and Heights was a wonderful resource for my ELL students thank you! (25.4.15)

Received from Joanne F


Great resources - thanks! (10.4.15)

Received from Melissa E


I love the Writing to Persuade PowerPoint. (6.4.15)

Received from M Brown


Awesome resources. You will not go wrong buying one of the products. (27.3.15)

Received from G Atkinson


Great products! (24.3.15)

Received from Meaghan F


Exactly what I needed...thank you so much for saving me time! (24.3.15)

Received from Megan T


Number Bonds - The Story of 10 - Wow this was amazing! My kids loved it! Reinforced making 10 and number bonds to 10. They loved the you tube song to go with it as well. Thank you so much for this. (23.3.15)

Received from Kristina Bowers


Thank you. These will be handy resources for the classroom.

Received from Ashley D


Super helpful! Thanks so much :) (11.3.15)

Received from Brittany A


Compunds Words is both a fun and meaningful teaching resource. (10.3.15)

Received from Holly H


Great resource to teach kids about tooth hygiene. (6.3.15)

Received from S Arin


Great presentations. Really helped my students learn about prefixes! Thanks. (4.3.15)

Received from Claire K


Can't wait to use this with my students - the powerpoint Using the Senses is very helpful. (22.2.15)

Received from Jeannine K


Good resources. (11.2.15)

Received from Kim P


Thank you so much! This saved me so much time. Thank you :) (9.2.15)

Received from Rebecca S


Great resources! (8.2.15)

Received from Colleen H


Fantastic work! I can't wait to teach the lessons. (1.2.15)

Received from Binod S


Thank you for the Traditional Stories resource. This was a very thorough powerpoint and helpful for our unit. (20.1.15)

Received from A Byars


Great resources. (5.1.15)

Received from Rebecca C


Great teaching units! I cannot wait to use them with my students. (3.1.15)

Received from Amy W


I loved the Colons and Semi-colons PowerPoint presentation! It was perfect for my short lesson on colons and semi-colons. I did make one addition to the semi-colon slide; I added an example of a complex sentence using conjunctive adverbs (however, moreover, etc.). Thank you for saving me so much time. (17.12.14)

Received from Debra Lee


Love these resources, thank you. (11.10.14)

Received from Elizabeth P


Looking forward to using this with my students.  These resources save great time and are well thought out. (19.9.14)

Received from C Yanini


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