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Multiples - Year 6

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Multiples - Year 6

Multiples - Year 6

Year 6 maths programme of study - Number (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division):

  • identify common factors, common multiples and prime numbers
  • perform mental calculations, including with mixed operations and large numbers
  • use their knowledge of the order of operations to carry out calculations involving the four operations
  • solve problems involving addition, subtraction, multiplication and division

This Year 6 maths teaching resource includes a PowerPoint and differentiated worksheet for independent learning, to guide your class through identifying multiples of numbers. It will help the children understand how to solve problems involving multiples in context, along with deepening their understanding of the four operations, as they will need to use a range of skills including multiplication and division. They will learn to represent multiples in a variety of ways, including pictorial representations. The worksheet contains varied fluency, reasoning and problem solving to reinforce and consolidate the children's learning. The resource supports the White Rose Small Steps guidance, and is designed to support a mastery approach to teaching maths.

Content includes:

  1. Lesson 1: Common multiples with 1 accompanying worksheet and answers

'Multiples - Year 6' is completely editable giving teachers the freedom to adapt the resource to suit their individual teaching needs.

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'Multiples - Year 6' is included in our complete teaching unit 'Factors, Multiples, Primes, Squares and Cubes - Year 6'. Click on the image below to take a closer look.


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