Using the Apostrophe

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Using the Apostrophe (slide 1/8)
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Using the Apostrophe (slide 3/8)
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Using the Apostrophe

English Teaching resource: Using the Apostrophe

This handy 8 slide PowerPoint presentation explains how to use the apostrophe for omission or to show possession and covers many of the curriculum objectives in the English programme of study. 'Using the Apostrophe' includes:

  • Apostrophe for possession - definitions and examples
  • Apostrophe for omission - definitions and examples
  • Consolidation of understanding activity
  • Assessment task (with peer assessment opportunities)


'Using the Apostrophe' can be edited giving teachers the freedom to adapt the resource to suit their individual teaching requirements.

'Using Apostrophes' can be previewed in full by clicking on the images opposite.

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