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KS2 Science Teaching Resources – Teeth

Science PowerPoint presentation and 9 worksheets.

Year 4 science programme of study - Animals, including humans:

  • identify the different types of teeth in humans and their simple functions

'Teeth' is an animated 72 slide PowerPoint science teaching resource. It has been designed to introduce pupils to the different types of human teeth and their simple functions. 'Teeth' is an ideal teaching aid to use when delivering a lesson covering the year 4 science curriculum objective listed above.


  • Why we need teeth?
  • Types of human teeth (incisors, canines. premolars, molars) and their functions
  • Other animals' teeth: Differences between herbivore and carnivore teeth and accompanying worksheet
  • Labelling human teeth activity and worksheet
  • Identifying human teeth activity and worksheet
  • Teeth functions matching activity and worksheet
  • Teeth quiz and accompanying worksheet
  • What is tooth decay?
  • What causes tooth decay?
  • Tooth decay class experiment and 2 accompanying worksheets
  • 5 ways to prevent tooth decay
  • Tooth decay quiz and worksheet
  • Tooth decay worksheet to check understanding
  • Useful links

'Teeth' is fully editable so teachers have the freedom to adapt the resource to suit the individual needs of each class they teach.

To preview 'Teeth' in full please click on the images from the PowerPoint. 

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Year 4 Science Bundle - Animals, including humans

Year 4 Science Bundle - Animals, including humans


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