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Prefixes: English Teaching Resource

Year 5/6 English programme of study - Reading - word reading:

  • apply their growing knowledge of root words, prefixes and suffixes (morphology and etymology), as listed in English appendix 1, both to read aloud and to understand the meaning of new words that they meet


Year 5/6 English programme of study - Writing- transcription:


  • use further prefixes and suffixes and understand the guidance for adding them


'Prefixes' is an English teaching resource that teaches pupils how to identify the prefix in a word and helps to develop spelling skills.  It is an ideal teaching aid to use in a class covering the year 5/6 curriculum objectives listed above. 'Prefixes' can be used as a starter activity, a stand alone lesson or developed into further reaching lessons on spelling skills and language study.  This handy 7 slide Powerpoint presentation includes:

- What is a prefix?
- Using prefixes to build words
- Assessment task
- 3 worksheets

'Prefixes' is fully editable so teachers are free to adapt the resource to suit each class they teach.


'Prefixes' can be viewed in full by clicking on the PowerPoint images.

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