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KS2 Science Teaching Resources – Muscles.   

Year 3 science programme of study - Animals, including humans:

  • identify that humans and some other animals have skeletons and muscles for support, protection and movement


In this science teaching resource pupils learn about the different types of human muscles and their functions. This science teaching resource is a handy introduction to the topic and ideal to use in a class covering the year 3 science learning objective above. Content includes:

  • What are muscles?
  • Different types of muscles (skeletal, smooth and cardiac)
  • Link to an introductory video about muscles
  • Explanation of how muscles help us to move
  • Explanation of how triceps and biceps contract and relax and accompanying animation
  • A look at the main muscles of the body (rectus adominis, pectorals, deltoids, quadriceps, biceps and triceps)
  • Muscles labeling activity
  • Muscles quiz
  • 3 accompanying worksheets


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Year 3 Science Bundle - Animals, including humans

Year 3 Science Bundle - Animals, including humans


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