KS2 Reading - Word Reading

Key word level reading resources for KS2.

KS2 Reading - Comprehension

Novels, plays, poems and non-fiction KS2 resources.

KS2 Writing - Transcription

Transcription resources cover key word and sentence level writing skills.

KS2 Writing - Composition

Resources for letter, report and discussion writing as well as recounts, newspaper stories, magazine articles and web pages.

KS2 Vocabulary, Grammar and Punctuation

Work on those all important vocabulary, grammar and punctuation and help children prepare for the SATs exams.

KS2 Starter and Plenary Activities

A diverse range of activities to start and end your lessons with.

All KS2 English Resources

A handy A to Z of all our KS2 English teaching resources.

Free Teaching Resources

Try before you buy with our free KS2 English teaching resources.