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Infer and Deduce

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Infer and Deduce (slide 1/14)
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Infer and Deduce

Year 5 / Year 6 English Teaching Resource: Inference and Deduction is designed to help students learn how to develop deduction skills when reading fiction and non-fiction texts.  The PowerPoint uses images and texts to convey how writers use inference in a text to communicate with the reader.  These fully editable 14 slide PowerPoint resources/lesson(s) can be used as a starter activity, a standalone lesson or built into a scheme of work on wider reading, inference and deduction skills.  The activities include:

   1. What is inference and deduction?

   2. Use of optical illusions to convey the concept of hidden meanings.

   3. Illustrations and photographs designed to sharpen deduction skills.

   4. Extract from Mary Shelley's Frankenstein to develop deduction skills when dealing with written text.

'Infer and Deduce' is fully editable so teachers can adapt the resource, if required, to suit the needs of each class they teach.

For a preview of Year 5 / Year 6 English Teaching Resource: Infer and Deduce click on the PowerPoint images.

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