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Commas - KS2

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Commas - KS2

Commas - KS2

KS2 English programme of study - Writing - vocabulary, grammar and punctuation

This KS2 punctuation teaching resource looks at commas and how to use them correctly in our writing. It covers the curriculum objectives of the year 4 and 5 English programme of study - Writing - vocabulary, grammar and punctuation. Content includes:

  • How to form a comma correctly on the page
  • An explanation of the Oxford comma
  • Why using commas is important to clarify meaning and avoid ambiguity
  • An explanation of adverbials and how commas are used in a sentence to separate clauses and phrases
  • Inserting commas to separate subordiate clauses and phrases activity with worksheet
  • An explanation of how commas are used after the reporting clause in direct speech
  • A link to a short clip about punctuating speech
  • 2 links to interactive comma quizzes
'Commas - KS2' is fully editable allowing teachers to adapt the resource if needed to suit each class they teach.

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